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Bespoke Shoes

A something-in-between shoe. It is a mixture between a derby, oxford, a mule with a back, and a platform. It was created on a last based on my feet measurements. Lamb burgundy leather for the top, and black lamb leather for the lining. I chose burgundy stitching as well as yellow thread for accents.

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Started with drawing the design out for the top and lining, and added lasting allowance

Made a muslin copy to see how it would fit on the last

Cut out the pattern pieces

Kept packets in bowls until service

Scything the leather to make stitching easier, and make the shoe less bulky

Stitching the outer layers together, and adding a hand-stiched yellow detail

Sewing the lining to the top layer

Lasting the lining

Gluing and lasting the toe stiffener 

Before lasting the outer upper

Lasting of the back piece

After lasting the front and back upper

Cutting out the stacked heel

First try on! In the middle of sanding the stacked leather heel

Sewing the "R" onto the sock lining

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