Created the brand and identity of The Brown University Journal of Philosophy Politics & Economics, and lead two teams of designers for the physical and online presence of the journal. Website design team was responsible for online presence of JPPE, simple user flow, and kept up to date. Journal design team was responsible for the inside layout of the journal and cover design.

Providence, RI (2017 - Present)

Design Director


Relevant Courses


New York, NY (2017)

UI/UX and Branding Intern

Worked on company's product, designing features and solving current problems of the user. Participated in customer interviews. Created an icon family used for signage around the office. Designed a new system for organization of the design process for the team. Did photoshoots and helped design a style guide for the marketing team for the social media platforms as well as a competitive analysis for their instagram.

New York, NY (2016)

Freelance Graphic Designer

Created the logo and brand identity for the sister company of Cohanzick Management, LLC. This included brand identity manual, letterhead, business cards, and a logo that can be used on multiple platforms.

Providence, RI (2016 - 2017)

Volunteer Graphic Designer

City of Central Falls

Worked with Mobile Meals, a non-profit organization that feeds low income children in Central Falls, Providence. Created logo for Mobile Meals and wraps and stickers for the truck.

Rhode Island School of Design

Providence, RI (2014 - Present)

Major: BFA in Industrial Design

ID Senior Show

Teaching Assistant (2016 - 2017)

Metal Shop Monitor (2017 - Present)

MIT Sloan School of Management

Cambridge, MA (Present)


Product Design and Development

Collaborated with graduate MIT MBA and engineering students and created a product

Brown University

Providence, RI (2017)

Management of Industrial and Nonprofit Organizations


Learned concepts and techniques of management. Topics included marketing, strategy, finance, operations, organizational structure, and human relations.



Providence, RI (2017)

Combined design skills and entrepreneurial action. learned how to bring new product concepts to market, investigate user needs and market opportunities, and test market viability. Understanding manufacturability and costs, and create strategies to build sustainable value propositions and market positions.

Collaborated with NASA to design some of the internal architecture for a ground analog of a Mars habitat capable of sustaining four astronauts for 90 days.

Providence, RI (2017)

Designing for NASA - HESTIA



Food Design

Providence, RI (2018)

Explored the synergy between food and design, and combined industrial design thinking and skills to food. Used food as the primary material for digital fabrication as a facilitator to enhance the experience of eating. Tools used were 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC machine, and UV printer.