The Better Pop

A uniquely shaped kombucha pop

The Better Pop is a uniquely shaped kombucha popsicle. It is a new, familiar, and enjoyable way to consume probiotics. The uniquely shape has bee designed for a better biting, sharing, and overall eating experience.


My mom has always had issues with her digestive health. After numerous doctor appointments, she became tired of being continually told to take probiotic pills. She already takes a lot of pills, and had no interest in taking any more. I began to wonder if there was a more enjoyable way to consume probiotics. Knowing that kombucha is packed with probiotics, I encouraged my mom to try it. However, she was uncomfortable with the idea of drinking fermented tea. 


Earlier that summer, I had stumbled upon a popsicle recipe after playing around in my kitchen. Coincidentally, popsicles are one of the only foods that don't upset my mom's stomach. Could popsicles be the medium through which kombucha is consumed? I decided to put this idea into fruition, and The Better Pop was born.

The inspiration behind the logo was the unique shape of the popsicles. I wanted a brand that was clean and fun, and portrayed honesty & transparency.