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How might we design a better design process?

Sicuro is a bike safety device. It alerts the biker and driver when a car is coming in too close and too fast. Sicuro replaces the rear light, and blinks at drivers to create awareness for the biker. On the cyclist's end, they are notified with a light from the attachment on the handle bar. At this moment, they have the option to press a button, which will set off a signal to the driver.

Sicuro is a community centered product. Data is collected from all Sicuro users, and is visualized through the app. It lets you know areas that are heavily congested with cars, areas that bikers came into close contact with cars, spots where cyclists pressed the button, and the width of bike lanes. Using the app, you can toggle which data you'd like to view on the map. This data is collected through the doppler and ultrasonic sensors inside the product.

The product was shown at a trade show at MIT Sloan School of Management where 1,400+ students and professors attended.

Sicuro App

Sicuro App

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Cyclist using the app and installing Sicuro to their bike.

Narrowing down important qualities using number system

Grouping similar product sketches

Grouping customer need statements

Initial product sketches

"Wizard of Oz" testing where we simulate the environment for the user to collect more accurate data. Instead of using a working prototype, we connected a wireless speaker to emit sound. We drove next to the biker as if we were a car coming too close.

Iteration of circuit board

Next steps:

Changing the alert system for the cyclist from a light in the front to vibrations from their phone.

What does the desktop version look like?

Testing the social aspect of the product.

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