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It started at the grand food bazaar

Which hit me like bursting caviar

They had everything I could need

Except coconut cream

And it all somehow fit in the car

Potatoes were sliced to be crispy

And scallops were seared on high 

Cupcakes were iced to be pretty

And espuma reached for the sky

We both went a little bit crazy

But your smiling eyes hugged us within 

So thank you kindly for coming to dinner

With a lil Ruby & Charles spin


Theme: Transitions


That moment when you can smell that winter is almost a thing of the past 


Drink: Iridescence 

1oz blood Orange, .5 oz elderflower liquor, 2 oz bourbon - shaken and infused with egg white 


Paired dish:

Duck breast summer roll (pickled carrots & daikon, scallion, sweet blood orange sauce, vermicelli noodles)



The warmth of the color on your skin when you hold a buttercup under your chin


Drink: Spring Thyme Fizz

Vodka, lemon juice, thyme infused simple syrup, elderflower liquor, citrus espuma 


Paired dish:

Thinly sliced garlic potatoes with thyme, pine nuts & honey




Moisture on grass before it evaporates, destined to fall once again 


Paired dish:

Scallop, coconut milk, peas, mint


Drink: Summertime Gelée

Champaign, mango, elderflower liqueur, gelatin 

Paired Dish:

lime olive oil cupcake, coconut buttercream

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