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Zero Gravity

Coffee Maker


With Carolina Briano and Mian Wei


Making fresh coffee in space is difficult. Currently, astronauts drink coffee from vacuum packed packets which they add water to. The coffee does not taste fresh and it is uncomfortable to drink out of a bag.


Designing a coffee maker that is comfortable to use and can be used in an environment with zero gravity. Must be easy to clean and create four cups simultaneously.


Each serving of coffee comes in a small pod. This way, the astronauts do not have to deal with loose grounds. It is put into a chamber which is then filled with heated water while air is let out on the other end. The machine spins the water and coffee beans at different velocities to allow mixing.

The water and coffee beans move to a different compartment with a filter. With centrifugal force, which creates artificial gravity, the coffee is pushed through the filter and into the cups.

The coffee beans then move to a different chamber where centrifugal force is also used to push the coffee beans to the side. A vacuum sucks the beans out of the machine and into the garbage disposal.

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