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Nostalgic Food

How to share a memory with strangers

This dish was based on a slow cooked chicken recipe I grew up eating. I wanted the person eating this dish to experience the same sense of nostalgia that I do. I presented the chicken in a form that would be universally understood and would provoke memories of childhood for many.

Many people grew up eating toaster strudels, opening the box and decorating them with the little frosting packet. I created small packets containing puréed carrot as the "frosting", and fried garlic as the "sprinkles". I had guests unbox and decorate their own toaster strudel.

Thank you to Rosmarin for helping me and allowing me to use their space as a platform for my work.



Laser cut the toaster strudel boxes

The making of little packets of puréed carrots

Kept packets in bowls until service

Fillo dough stuffed with chicken and coated in butter

Plating dish to be sent out for consumption

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